Address: 1A McLachlan Street Maclean, New South Wales, 2463
Phone: (02) 6645 3711
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Wet weather contact:
Kevin Crofton 0428 476 370

Last Updated: 20/05/2017 at 7am

BW 1: Open
WP 2: {Corbett Park) Open
WP 3: (Hospital Field) Open

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Maclean FC Committee for the 2017 season. Click on our "Contact" page for a list of the new committee.

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There is a range of "Bobcats" merchandise for sale at the canteen which can be purchased throughout the season including caps, shorts, hoodies and polo shirts.


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May 21st 2017 - Maclean FC Junior Gala Day

Junior Development Training

Maclean FC have secured the services of Renan Fenerich as our Junior Development Officer for 2017.
Renan brings a wealth of football experience with him after playing futsal and football professionally in the highly populated Sao Paulo province of Brazil.
These sessions will be extremely beneficial to all players and the Coaches of each age group on that week are also requested to attend. The first group away will be the 16s and will work down each week to the 15s, then the 14s and so on.
Below is the schedule for the Junior Development Program on behalf of Maclean Football Club and North Coast Futsal.
If you cannot make or wish to not participate in this training please let Skye Davidson know asap so she can organise a different date and or the next team on the list to participate.
Skye will contact you directly the week before your scheduled time slot to confirm your participation and confirm with Renan.
JDP training will be on Tuesday afternoons between 5 & 6 pm. Meet with Renan just outside the indoor sports centre.
Renan asks that all children bring joggers to change into prior to the training.

May 2nd - U15/16 - Skye Davidson
May 9th - U15/16 - Mark Grainger
May 16th - U14 Green - Simon Opalniuk
May 23rd - U14 Black - Peter Coram
May 30th - U13 Green - Craig Moran
June 6th - U13 White - Ian Bowly
June 13th - U12 Green - Kevin Crofton
- U13 White - Dave Jeffrey
June 20th - U11 Green - Michael Corbett
- U11 White - Jim Mahoney
June 27th - U10 Green - Braidy Power-Casson
- U10 White - Phill Moore
July 4th - School Holidays
July 11th - School Holidays
July 18th - U8/9 Black - Travis Swift
- U8/9 Green - Peter Brossman
- U8/9 White - Gary Carmichael
July 25th - U7s - Andrew Tom
Aug 1st - U6s - Amanda Piper


Any modification requests are to be in writing via email to
Please contact your assigned Coach for information regarding training dates and times

Important Dates

Age groups 8's and 9's are now merged
Age groups 15's and 16's are now in a merged competition

Annual General Meeting

A big year this year awaits us with ground improvements, car park changes, new lighting and we are also hosting a Mini-Roo's 6-11's Gala Day on Sunday May 21st.


If you are wishing to play in 2017 keep in mind that player registration fees are to be paid on-line when registering on We held two sign-on/information days at the Maclean Bowling Club. We had excellent numbers over the two days and there was also a lot of registrations on-line that didn't require assistance. Teams for 2107 are now up on this website and it is not too late to register so if you haven't done so yet or you know someone who wants to play, jump on-line and register today!


There is a range of club merchandise which can be purchased from our canteen throughout the season. Products available and prices are listed below:-

* Hooded Jumpers - $50
* Club Polo Shirts - $35 (small) $40 (M-XXL)
* Shorts - $20
* Caps - $15
* Bumper Stickers - $2

# Bobcats playing socks can be purchased from our canteen for $10 (approx)
Bobcats 1st Division 2009 Winners!

2009 Men's Team


For all the latest news, pictures, updates and club info you have come to the right place. We encourage contributions to the site so if you wish to send photos, comments or news items contact us by email.

The aim of the website is to get everyone using it and eliminate phone calls to and from coaches. The site will also be used to help promote our valuable sponsors. We encourage all teams to utilise the site for game cancellation, field closures, wet weather etc by just notifying our website administrator on the bottom right of the home page.

Maclean Football Club


Fixtures & Results:

Mens Premier: Saturday 27th May

Maclean v Westlawn - Barry Watts Oval - 3pm _______________________
Womens Premier: Saturday 27th May

Maclean v Coffs Coast Tigers - away - 3pm

Mens Reserves: Saturday 27th May

Maclean v Westlawn - Barry Watts Oval - 1pm

Womens 2nd Division: Saturday 20th May

Maclean v Majos FC - Corbett Park - 1pm

Mens 3rd Green: Saturday 27th May

Maclean v Maclean White - [home] Corbett Park - 3pm

Mens 3rd White: Saturday 27th May

Maclean v Maclean Green - [away] Corbett Park - 3pm

U15/16's: Friday 26th May

Maclean Black v Westlawn Jaguars - home - 7.30pm

Maclean Green v Westlawn Tigers - home - 6.30pm

Maclean White v Westlawn Panthers - away - 6.30pm

U14's: Saturday 27th May

Maclean Green v Westlawn Tigers - Barry Watts 1 - 11.15am

Maclean Black v Uraguay FC - Wooli - 11.30am

U13's: Saturday 27th May

Maclean Green v Uraguay FC - Wooli - 10.15am

Maclean White v Majos FC - Rushforth Park 1 - 11am

U12's: Saturday 27th May

Maclean v SS Gunners - Rushforth Park 1 - 10am

U11's: Saturday 27th May

Maclean Green v Grafton City Blitz - Barry Watts 2 - 10.30am

Maclean White v Yamba Breakers - Yamba 4 - 10am

U10's: Saturday 27th May

Maclean Green v Yamba Breakers - Yamba 4 - 9am

Maclean White v Grafton City Slickers - Barry Watts 2 - 9.30am

U8/9's: Saturday 27th May

Maclean Green v Maclean White - Barry Watts 4 - 9am

Maclean White v Maclean Green - Barry Watts 4 - 9am

Maclean Black v Yamba Breakers - Barry Watts 3 - 9am

U7's : Saturday 27th May

Mac v Iluka v Yamba - Maclean

U6's : Saturday 27th May

Mac v Iluka v Yamba - Maclean



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